Shocking! Sisters Leave Their Mother’s Corpse To Rot Inside Their Apartment In Benin… You Won’t Believe Why (Video)

Shocking! Sisters Leave Their Mother's Corpse To Rot Inside Their Apartment In Benin... You Won't Believe Why (Video)

In what will come across as a really shocking development, the decomposing corpse of a 78-year-old woman has been discovered in an apartment in Benin, the Edo state capital.

It was reported that the daughters of the woman who are between the ages of 58-60, left the decomposing corpse of their mother in their Benin apartment instead of taking her to the mortuary 9 days after her death, because the Lord instructed them not to tell anyone.

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The foul smell from their apartment pushed neighbors into forcing themselves into their apartment, leading to discovery of the corpse.

It was further learnt that the owner of the house has arranged an ambulance which conveyed the corpse out of the apartment.

Watch the video of a report on the incident below:

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