Enjoy the ultimate free gift of God for you

Enjoy the ultimate free gift of God for you

Some people have no real understanding of what Easter truly means. This is why they assume that becoming a Christian appears too easy. They insist that it must involve some very tasking requirement.

After all, they argue, nothing that is valuable comes without a price. They are right and wrong. They are right because Jesus Christ has, with His life, paid the price to make you a Christian. And they are wrong because they still assume that despite Christ’s ultimate sacrifice, they still have a huge price to pay for their salvation. What they don’t realise is that the redemption believers have in Christ is full and free. It lacks nothing because He “gave himself for us” to redeem and purify us to Himself a special, distinguished people. It requires no other sacrifice from us. Instead, beneficiaries of this redemption expectedly become zealous of good works. They are not barren, inoperative, or incapacitated spiritually.

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Jesus Christ gave Himself for everyone in all generations. His sacrifice, substitution, atonement, suffering, propitiation, and redemption is for each of us and for all. As the perfect, sinless, spotless, blameless One, He fully gave Himself so that no matter how deep a sinner had gone in sin, His purity, holiness, and personality will atone for him or her. He gave Himself without any reservation for the vilest of sinners in every generation and bore the full wrath of Heaven. He has taken away the suffering and penalty that we should have suffered. Therefore, full redemption, salvation, and total freedom from sin and its consequences are available, including a victory over trials, temptations, and difficulties.

Christ also solves the problem of the original sin; that is, the depravity and carnality we inherited by nature from the first man, Adam, and He has redeemed us from all iniquity. Adam’s sin is not so terrible or great that the sacrifice of Jesus Christ cannot purge it. When Christ purifies believers who approach Him for sanctification, He restores the original purity God put in man at creation. He, the Master Maker of man, is the only one that can cleanse the heart and get it back to its original state. Christ purges and cleanses His followers to be useful instruments. As products of divine grace and new covenant people, we must replicate Christ and go about with burning zeal to do good works.

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