Gumi: The General Commander Of Terrorists, By Buhari Olanrewaju Ahmed

It is disappointing, even disgusting to see a respected Islamic cleric encouraging banditry, terrorism and kidnapping!

Asuccessful leader must be willing to assume responsibility for the mistakes and shortcomings of his followers.

But it is not the same with the Buhari regime which has deliberately refused to combat terrorists and also refused to take responsibility for its incompetence.

It has, instead, turned around to blame citizens for its failure to combat terrorism, armed robbery and banditry.

There can be no debate on the fact that Nigeria is a failed state.

 The State Security Services (SSS) as an intelligence agency which is saddled with the responsibility of protecting the country against internal and external aggressions, has refused to discharge its statutory duty in the face of overwhelming crime across the country. 

All that the agency does is trace government critics, protesters journalists or anyone else who holds critical views against dictator Buhari’s abysmal regime, whilst terrorists kidnap innocent people and demand outrageous ransoms.

The SSS has also failed to invite and interrogate Minister of Communications and Digital Economy Isa Pantami and Sheikh Gumi, two devoted advocates of terrorists in Nigeria.

 Gumi even takes photos with them in the forests and shares them afterwards, whilst Pantami has confirmed that he derives joy from the killing of infidels (non-Muslims).

Obviously, Gumi is psychologically imbalanced, or he wouldn’t have abandoned the voice of the people and pitch a tent with terrorists who have created so much havoc across Nigeria.

It is disappointing, even disgusting to see a respected Islamic cleric encouraging banditry, terrorism and kidnapping!

It was this same man who ordered some people to pay N800,000 as a fare to one of the abductors who was supposed to negotiate the ransom to be paid. These are the same terrorists who have raped and killed thousands of innocent people. One will wonder where Gumi keeps his toxic conscience.

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Although Gumi is unconcerned about terrorists’ victims and their families, only a monster can advise people to look for money by all means and pay same as ransom in exchange for children who did nothing to be kidnapped in the first place.

He was quoted as saying: “We’ve convinced bandits not to kill Greenfield University students.” What an audacious statement from a so-called Sheikh!

By now Gumi should have be in DSS’s custody for interrogation and to explain his relationship with terrorists who disguise as bandits, but no! 

Not in APC and dictator Buhari’s jungle of a country who promote anything terrorism.

Our country is under pressure, and Nigerians need to take the bull by the horn. It is high time for the Nigerian government to take responsibility and to proffer lasting solutions to our present predicament.  

No time for blame game. The Buhari/APC regime of disasters and woes has dragged this game for too long. 

If we cannot run away from our problems, then we should not allow the problems to kill us.

Nigeria is under siege, no doubt about that. This vagabond in power is unconcerned about the situation in the country.

 The Black Devil in power is only after the interest of his people. He does not care about innocent people who have been killed and are still being killed.

 Dictator Muhammadu Buhari has not for once encouraged Nigerians for a better future, he only gets shocked with the killings in the country. 

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No doubt, Nigeria is going astray both socially, economically and politically at a time when the country is waiting for the action of the “president.” Unfortunately the “president” prefers to play a cricket’s game over people’s lives.

The insect that is eating the vegetable is right under the vegetable leaf itself. It is pertinent to know that there are some people in this woeful regime who feed fat from the bloodshed in Nigeria.

We are in a country where terrorists have hijacked its security architecture. They’ve successfully captured some states, and now collect taxes, interact with the people, cajole them with peanuts and brainwash them.

The APC government is giving VIP treatment to bandits and Boko Haram members. They allow these terrorists to move around freely and invite them for round table discussions in government’s houses. 

 In spite of the fact that these terrorists have openly claimed responsibility for numerous attacks throughout Nigeria, including the assassination attempt on Benue State Governor Samuel Ortom. Yet, no security agency, including the so-called DSS, has bothered to invite or hunt aggressively for them to answer to their numerous crimes.

The Nigeria tyrant Muhammadu Buhari should know that repercussions have no cure.

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