Brilliant Nigerian Woman Gets Top Appointment From US President, Joe Biden

A Nigerian woman has been given an appointment by the President of the United States, Joe Biden.

Nigerian woman, Mrs. Adesuwa Ogiamien-Adesotoye has been given an appointment by US President Joe Biden.

Mrs. Ogiamien-Adesotoye, a scion of the popular Ogiamien Family of Benin took the oath of office in Washington, DC on Monday, March 1 as the director, Office of Global Health Resources and Services Administration in the Department of Health and Human Services. The appointment of Mrs. Ogiamien-Adesotoye comes on the heels of the selection of a fellow Edo lady, Miss Osaremen Okolo who was appointed as Covid-19 Policy Advisor by President Biden. Prior to her appointment, Mrs. Ogiamien-Adesotoye who holds a doctorate degree in Health Information System from the University of California, Los Angeles worked in the Foreign Service in Tanzania with the State Department. Elated, the father, Prof. Tony Ogiamien, the President of the American Heritage University of Southern California said that the choice of his daughter goes to show the recognition and acceptance of the positive roles Nigerians have contributed to the development of America. 

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