Mad Man Makes Surprising Life After Death Revelation While Preaching the Gospel – Watch Video

A mentally deranged man has made some shocking revelation about the afterlife to the bewilderment of passers-by and netizens. In the video shared online by popular clergyman, Mike Bamiloye, the mad man was spotted preaching the gospel in a commercial area.

He warned people against false prophets in the end time, whose primary mission is to lead people to hell with their false doctrines. The man, who surprisingly spoke fine English, made a clear distinction between life and death as well as Heaven and Hell, which he claimed is real.

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According to him, when a man dies, he will be faced with two Judges… one for God and one for the Devil. Insinuating that after death comes eternal judgement.

He issued a stern warning to people against falling victim of people, who wants to lead them to hell, because hell is not a place for human beings. After he finished preaching, the onlookers donated money and gave to him. However, in an interesting twist, he turned down the donations and asked them to give it to beggars instead. 

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