You are not a genuine Christian if you do this…- Son of ex-Presidential Aide, Bolu Okupe says!

Bolu Okupe, the son of former Presidential Aide, Doyin Okupe has identified a factor that disqualifies one from being called a genuine Christian.

According to Bolu Okupe, any Christian that discriminates or support harm against other people.bevaise of ther special identity or orientation cannot be called a genuine Christian.

Bolu Okupe who had earlier revealed his sexual identity as gay in January, took to his Twitter account to share his thoughts on the issue.

According to him, anyone who supports harm against other people who have a different sexual orientation from his is psychotic and he will be the first to rot on hell.

You are not a Christian nor are you religious for that matter if you support harm against your fellow humans because of their orientation. What you are is a psychotic brainwashed lunatic and you will be the first person in that hell you love screaming about due to your evil heart

A good number of people who reacted to tweet seem to also share his line of thought.

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See reactions below.

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