How To Interpret Dreams In Christian Doctrine


Dreams can be entertaining, funny and disturbing. They are voices speaking to our mind. We have many examples of people in the Bible that had dreams. One of them is Abraham. In Genesis 15:12, And when the sun was going down, a deep sleep fell upon Abram; and, lo, an horror of great darkness fell upon him. Abraham had a terrific dream that disorganized his sleep. Dream is a very sensitive institution and it’s created in such a way to reveal things to us. There is a great connection between dreams to man’s soul, body and spirit. Picking your dream interpretation through the Bible can really help you decode mysteries behind such dreams.

In Daniel 2 tells us clearly how Daniel interpreted Nebuchadnezzar’s troubled dream.  In a vision, God showed Nebuchadnezzar’s dream to Daniel and gave him its meaning.

The next day, Daniel went to the king’s servant and said: ‘Don’t kill any of the wise men. I can explain the king’s dream.’ The servant took Daniel to Nebuchadnezzar. Daniel told the king: ‘God has revealed the future to you.

This is your dream: From this little Bible analysis, it is therefore safe to say to interpret dreams in Biblical way is actually real and wonderful. It’s important to understand that not  many people can be able to understand symbols, images embedded in their dreams. While many dreams are simply the results of their brain processing information, health related issues, others dream meaning send messages straight to your soul to take necessary action.

One of the best ways to interpret your dreams is through your emotion. Your emotion plays a very important role in knowing what your Christian dream means. For example, if you dreamed that people were crying, your brain will quickly send signal to you that such dream is likely to be evil.  In the Bible, God, satan often used dreams and visions to communicate with people. The dreams were meant for specific purposes. 

It is ignorant for some Christians to ignore their dreams. We can only give you the advice the Bible gives us. If you “lack wisdom” as to what your dream means, ask God (James 1:5). And if you wake up from a dream in sorrow, confusion, disappointment, reject the dream (Galatians 1:8). Christian Interpretation of Dreams To interpret your dreams in a Biblical way and how the spirit of God is leading you is very important to your life. It is not too good when you did not understand your dreams. 

A dream that take away your peace can be disturbing and associated with negative feelings, such as anxiety or fear that awakens you. The inability to interpret your dreams gives the devil to attack you the more. Perhaps, you had good dreams and you are trying to identify it. You are more likely to fight the wrong battles when you do not understand your revelation.  These are serious matters. In addition, if you find it difficult to trace the source of your dream spiritually, you are likely to be caged by the devil. The best way to know your dreams is by prayers and fasting.

There are millions of dream interpreters in the world today deceiving people with fake meanings. They usually do this by psychological, perception, they are not conducting the spirit of God. No wonder many people are no more satisfied with spiritual meaning to dreams. We will continue to let the world know that dreams are very important. This is why we need to be prayerful and meditating on the word of God whenever we are faced with spiritual attacks. Jesus said, “The thief does not come, except to steal and kill and destroy. I came that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly” (John 10:10). In Romans 16:20 , And the God of peace shall bruise Satan under your feet shortly. The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you. Amen. So if there is constant dreams in your life, you can be certain that the enemy is at work. Jesus will always gives life to His children It is vital as a Christian to know and understand what the Lord is saying to you in dreams, visions and revelations. In the spirit world, dream is an access key to revelation. The Bible says, He revealeth the deep and secret things: he knoweth what is in the darkness, and the light dwelleth with him. Once a dream is indicated to you, it is telling you something that you need to know and find out yourself. Sometimes, the dream can come with its own interpretation. In most cases, dream interpretation can actually be very challenging, leaving many confused.  But the truth is, you can be a true interpreter. But it can takes a whole lots time and dedication.

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How do you get the gifts of dream interpretation? Lots of my audience have been asking me the above question. To interpret dream is so easy for me to do.  However, I want to let you know that this gift was given to me by God and not man (books). I started the career of interpreting dreams when I was 12 years old. People  would ask me about their dreams, but will interpret it based on the leading of the spirit. And whenever I gave them the meaning to their dreams, they will quickly confirm that it is true. While others would call me on phone to thank me more. It is not a gift I usually pray for, I just discovered its part of my destiny. I could see air and interpret it. I could see animal and attach spiritual meanings to it. I could see people, objects, or non-living things in dreams and tell you what they stand to mean to man.

You can interpret your dreams meaningfully without chasing after dream interpreter. The following can be achieved; These includes;

STEP 1: Write down your dreams If you can remember your dreams, or you tried to remember few of them, it is important to write them down in a paper. By doing this, it will encourage you to pray over them whether they are good or bad. The Bible says in Hab 2:2, And the LORD answered me, and said, Write the vision, and make it plain upon tables, that he may run that readeth it. Writing down your dreams is a first step of knowing the meaning of your dreams.

STEP 2: Discover your emotion behind such dreams Our emotion is from our spirit and has the power to decode some mysteries to us.  And it is so important to pay attention to your feelings while waking up from that dream, because it is either you feel comfortable or uncomfortable and this may gives you the ideas of the meaning of such dream. For example, a person may have a feeling that someone has died, and when you find out, you will be shocked that truly to know that someone is dead.

STEP 3: Find out how the dream ended This is very important in interpreting your dreams. How a particular dream ended can give you a clue that such dream could be bad or good. Despite the fact a dream started well and ended badly makes the dream terrific. If you study your Bible well, you will discover Pharaoh and Nebuchadnezzar’s dream ended bad. So you must determine to understand the end part of your recent nightmares.

STEP 4: Cry out to God for spiritual gifts of interpreting dreams God is still in the business of distributing spiritual gifts to his children. And spiritual gifts symbolizes a great connection between you and God. In the areas of dreams, if you find out that you don’t seem to have the gift of interpreting dreams, and as a Christian, then you should cry out to God for it. Because I believe one day, the Lord will answer your prayers in Jesus name. However, you must disturb God about it oftentimes.

STEP 5: Study every character, action and movement in your dreams Learn to observe and study who was involved in that dream. You must also determine to know every activity that occurred in your spirit world. For example, if you saw yourself eating in the dream in a party, and you fail to picture the people that prepare or gave you such spiritual food then you should put that into consideration. But if you discover you can’t remember the character surrounding the dream, or you simply remember the one pertaining to you, it is true that you are yet to interpret good dreams. So put them into action and you shall become victorious.

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STEP 6: Decide if the dream is bad or good Just like a sick person, it is only a patient that knows what areas of the body he or she is feeling pain. So to interpret your dreams, you should be able to know at the end of it if such dream is good or evil. Praying against any dream without knowing its spiritual attachment, it could be bad. You are likely to know if your dream is a blessing or a curse to you. Sit down and determine that yourself.

STEP 7: Read Christian books on dreams Books broadens your knowledge on a subject matter; If you can invest your money in buying deliverance book on dream interpretation, you will gradually become a Joseph of your life, family and world. You can get my book.

STEP 9: Exercise your faith by first interpret your dreams With faith, you can achieve the impossible and it is possible you interpret dreams well. We have asked you to pray, that’s great. its time to exercise your faith by taking a step. If your frequent dream is about village, animal, etc, use your feelings surrounding the dream to interpret it. Don’t wait for me to do that for you. You must take a step first.

STEP 10: Bring out your Bible and begin to tackle step number 1 The word of God is the best medium to get to know your dreams. Once you have written down your most troubled dreams, you should be encouraged to use Bible verses related to dreams and deliverance to unveil the hidden meaning behind such dream. As you read your Bible in the spirit, more spiritual insight would come concerning your dreams. If you can dedicate yourself to do this, you will become a dream interpreter. Sometimes, I see most believers are very lazy to even study their Bible let alone using the proper verses for such related dreams.


By the power of the blood of Jesus, I reject failure, shame and defeat, in Jesus name.

Every long term stubborn yokes, break, in Jesus name. Fire of the Holy Ghost, purge my foundation, in Jesus name.

The secret that will move my life forward, be revealed to me now, in Jesus name. I break the power of spell, jinx, bewitchment of star, in Jesus name.

The agenda of hell over my ministerial calling, be frustrated, in Jesus name. Power of inefficiency, lukewarmness and slothfulness in my life, die, in Jesus name.

Arrow of spiritual and physical stagnancy, loose your hold, in Jesus name. My spiritual gifts, come alive, in the name of Jesus.

Every rage of darkness to swallow my glory, die, in Jesus name. O Lord, sharpen my spiritual gifts for effective service, in Jesus name.

I refuse to be deaf and dump spiritually, in Jesus name. Holy Spirit connect my ear to the voice of heaven, in Jesus name.

Joseph of my life, wake up and interpret my dreams, in Jesus name.


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